This device is an AC powered remote control that has a wire tail for connection to relays or switches instead of buttons. Its ideal for situations where you need normal remote control operation, as well as integration with other forms of control.

This device is a single channel remote control that plugs into a power point for permanent power and is controlled by connecting the device to relays in a control system or other switches. There are 4 wires connected this item: common, up, stop and down. When the common wire comes into contact with any of the control wires, the function for that wire will be sent out to any WSER series motors or remote receivers this device is assigned to.

This device allows remote control Alpha motors to be operated by a huge variety of building management systems, automation equipment, press buttons or key turn switches as well as a remote control. This device is not practical for use in setting up the motors it will control. This must be done with a standard remote and the RE-DCE can be assigned to the motor separately for additional control options. When planning your job with this item, only allow for connection to relays or switches that make contact as long as a button or switch is pressed and release automatically afterwards. Do not use rotary switches or switches that lock into position as the item will continue to send out the signal for as long as contact is made. This could produce unwanted results.


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